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Acai Berry: Nature's Hidden Weight Loss Secret

I started hearing about Acai from a friend of mine about a year ago. She told me that her friend had been visiting Brazil and brought this amazing fruit back for her. Recently I've heard about Acai being called a Superfood on major news programs.

After reading about the countless benefits from acai berry diet products, I immediately began researching all of the options out there. Since there were so many products to choose from, I compiled a spreadsheet that helped me review the best options in terms of benefits, pricing and extra special features. To save you time, I wanted to share some of what I found with you:

Not all acai berry supplements are created equal - make sure to pay close attention and seek out products with the highest level of purity, as that will make all the difference. Also, make sure to consider your special lifestyle needs that will help determine which product is best for you - since I travel a lot I needed a convenient supplement so I really couldn't look at the juice or frozen products in the market, even if they were otherwise compelling. Lastly, make sure you try a free trial before you're really ready to buy, as this well help you to ensure you're getting the value you want and deserve from the product you purchase.
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Of the top products I identified, I liked Acai Berry Supreme the best. After seeing Acai featured on the Food Network, I ordered a sample, and its was a good thing because you can't get it in stores. The reviews of the product were great, focusing on the scientific elements that help you body eliminate wastes and shift your body to a strong, healthy basis. Since the pills are easy to take on the go, Acai Clear provided a cost effective solution for me. Another option in this same category is Acai Berry Maxx, which is organic freeze dried to ensure maximal potency.
Acai Berry Review

WARNING - Worried About Acai Berry Scams?

A professional staff of researchers and analysts have carefully looked at numerous products over the last 12 months, that are being marketed in the acai category. One of the interesting things that our researched showed, was the the acai berry must be frozen within 2-3 hours of being harvested to insure the maximum effectiveness of the nutrients in the berry. Unfortunately, it was found that some berries went for more than a day before they were frozen, and some we could not find any indication that they were frozen at all during processing.

Since the freezing was a quality that our testers were looking for while reviewing the products, the top three products (Acai Berry Supreme, Acai Original Diet, andAcai Maxx) in our list actually are frozen within just 1 hour of being processed. You can be sure that the premium acai from these products are in their most effective form.

Also, you can buy with confidence knowing that these products all come with a Free 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Acai Success Stories

"I tried every diet out there and lost a little weight and a lot of money, but the weight always came back. My health and self esteem didn't come back as quickly. Then my mother called raving about this great product she had found. I wasn't even going to try it, but Mom wouldn't take no for an answer. She sent me 1 bottle of Acai Berry Supreme and I was hooked. I've never seen these kind of results!"

"I have been using Acai Berry Supreme for eight months now, and it’s simply amazing! I have a higher level of energy all throughout the day! I’ve already lost 34 pounds, and I’m very happy with my results. Thank you for this amazing new product."
Jessica - Valencia, CA

"I'll say at first, I was skeptical about this new product. However, I can honestly say that Acai Maxx REALLY works. I’ve lost 22 lbs just in the last 2 months! I’ve got a lot of energy and go through without dragging my feet. Thanks!"
Erica- Miami, FL

"I have never felt better. Now I know I am actually clean inside because I can feel it. I look as good as I feel."
Michelle- CA

I found that a lot of acai berry reviews really didn't touch on the full aspects that I needed to know to make an informed decision. For example, while I really liked the Maqui organic super berry products, I didn't realize they had a lot of other added fruit juices, which I really didn't want. Maqui is a great product (I did try it) but you really have to find the right mix that works for your taste buds. There are a lot of flavors out there, so find the one that works for you.

When you read acai berry reviews, make sure to focus on what matters to you – take advantage of free trials and do your research to find the right acai product that is best suited for your dietary needs.

What is the Acai Berry?

Grown deep in the Amazon rainforest, acai berries come to life on acai palm trees. Native to the tropical forests of both South and Central America, the acai palm are commonly found in the tropical climates of Brazil and Peru. The trees are delicate, natural wonders with feather-like leaves and a stem that produces hearts of palm. Palm trees can grow over 25 meters tall, and field several bunches of acai fruit in each harvest. In addition to producing one of the world's top superfoods, the leaves of the acai tree are naturally resistant to the elements and strong enough for a variety of uses; not only is the acai berry a super fruit, but the acai palm can be considered a super tree.

Scientifically, the palm is classified as euterpe, named for the Greek muse known as the "source of delight". Acai berries themselves are only 1 inch across, growing in dense bunches that produce nearly 1,000 berries from each. The trees produce 2 fully mature crops each year that are harvested from the rain forests. As we learn more about the amazing benefits of the fruit, these harvests are becoming increasingly in demand; while the berries have been around for thousands of years, Western science only recently became aware of their miracle properties.

Within an individual acai berry, there is a large seed, which comprises well over half of the fruit: the amazing health-saving properties of the berry arise from a thin, nutrient-dense pulp. The ripening process produces the amazing deep purple glow that signifies the berries are ready to be harvested for their nutritional wonder.

From recent research into the properties of the acai, its name fits it well: as one of nature's super fruits, the acai berry has a deep purple color, reflecting its delicious tropical flavor and the power of its antioxidant health benefits. Acai berries pack a lot of nutritional power into a small package: the berries are tiny, potent fruits with an appearance much like a grape. Brazilian Caboclo tribes have known of the acai benefits of the fruit for centuries, and rely upon acai provide the majority of their nutrients. Traditional, the fruit is served as cuia, a traditional mixture with tapioca and honey, as a juice or as a cereal mixed with granola, all of which pack powerful flavor along with an abundance of health benefits. Now that scientific research has established the power of acai as a super food, a wider variety of serving options are available.

Acai Berry: The #1 Ranked Superfood

The berry has a well-balanced composition of high quality carbohydrates, most of which is in the form of beneficial fiber, protein and heart-healthy unsaturated fats. By harvesting the pulp of acai, a juice is produced that has more antioxidant benefits than traditional health drink sources such as tea, red wine and other berries. Additionally, the berries are shown to contain impressive amounts of calcium, iron and Vitamin A. Within the heart-healthy oils found in the berry are some of the most powerful antioxidants in the world in the form of polyphenols. Buy acai today to help reduce your risk to major diseases and improve your health the natural way.