Acai Fruit Drink Benefits

If you're like me, then you like to get your nutrition on the go in a convenient form. I like variety in my diet, so I've always alternated between orange juice and apple juice. Recently, however, I began to shift my diet toward a new drink which has really been an upgrade for not only my health but my taste buds as well!

Acai berries are harvested from palm trees in Brazil's rain forest - the same trees that produce the delicious heart of palm. So, it should be no surprise that the berries are a super food that produces innumerable health benefits, including:

* A load of heart healthy fats that can be hard to fit into your diet. My doctor recommended fish oil supplements, but, honestly, why would I chose that over a delicious berry taste. The taste, by the way, is amazing - imagine the berries you know combined with just a hint of your favorite chocolate bar...and you have acai flavor.

* Get all of the protein that your body needs without having to seek out expensive and potentially unhealthy meat-based sources of protein. Not only that, but the particular amino acid profile that makes up the protein is up there with pure egg whites as being optimal for building lean muscle.

* Acai juices are a rich source of vitamins E, C and B, which are important for providing the energy you need. Not only that, but acai has minerals which can be otherwise hard to incorporate into your diet.

I no longer reach for apple juice for its flavor or orange juice for vitamin C - I get the best of both worlds with Acai berry juice. Make the switch like I did, and I bet you will stick to it permanently just like I have!