Acai in the Media

As the nutritional benefits of acai are becoming more visible, a wide variety of well-established media outlets are beginning to cover acai. The growing body of supportive scientific research has helped to take acai from a relatively secret Amazonian super food to a news sensation in many countries. Major news provides, ranging from ABC to CBS to CNN and Oprah, have recently given a wide variety of coverage to the acai sensation. We have reviewed recent media releases to bring you the highlights of this coverage. Some highlights:

* Acai has been recognized as a top health trend by major science and news organizations
* Top business leaders and athletes are confirmed Acai users 
* A growing body of scientific research has supported Acai benefits 
* Many leading doctors have come out to publicly recommend Acai on programs such as Oprah

At the beginning of 2005, the CNN Magazine, Business 2.0 said acai "may be the world's healthiest food". At the time, Acai remained a relatively difficult to find product, largely distributed only in health food and organic stores. The coverage was prescient, as it quoted a producer saying "it's only a matter of time before the mass market wakes up..." 2.0 was spot on, and revealed that celebrities such as Owen Wilson and Holly McPeak were also ahead of the acai trend, using the product well before it went mainstream. Back at the New Year of 2006, ABC News led off their coverage of trends with a focus on antioxidant rich fruits.

As pomegranate drinks began gaining momentum, ABC named Acai one of the next big trends for the year, which predated most major media coverage. Citing nutritional studies, ABC said: "Acai is an all-natural energy fruit...harvested in the rainforests of Brazil...(and) is full of antioxidants, amino acids and essential omega 'good-for-you' fatty acids." The story went on to discuss the potential of acai for its anti-aging properties due to the strength of its antioxidants. CNN and ABc, in many ways, led the way on what became an increasingly well-established trend.

Not only have major outlets begun to recognize the benefits of Acai, but major business leaders and athletes alike have revealed that acai is a core part of their diet. Take the case of Sumner Redstone, the legendary Viacom executive. In a 2007 Fortune Magazine interview, Redstone spoke about the secrets behind his extraordinary health at the age of 84. While Redstone certainly keeps a lively schedule, he also pointed to acai juice as being a major source of his continued health, called it a "miracle drug". He revealed that he first learned of the produce through a German colleague and decided to begin taking the supplement at the beginning of 2007.

At the time, he was taking sleeping pills and having health problems but revealed "since I've been on (Acai) I haven't taken a sleeping pill." As a well connected leader, Redstone has given the juice as a gift to some of the world's top leaders including former President Bill Clinton. While he continues to age into his 80s Redstone credited acai with helping him to "look a lot younger than I am...I feel like I'm 40."

The media's coverage of acai only increased with the revelation of a major following among top executives and leaders.