Acai: The Antioxidant Dietary Supplement

One of the most impressive characteristics of Acai is its off-the-charts high level of antioxidants. By adding acai as a supplement to your diet, you can realize the countless benefits to antioxidants to improve your health. Most importantly, this will also help you maintain optimal health by preventing disease, fatigue and any other problems. Be proactive with your health by adding an acai dietary supplement to your daily routine today.

Research scientific research from well-established organizations has shown that Acai has among the highest antioxidant levels in any natural product. A common measure of the antioxidant levels of is ORAC scale which measures Oxygen Radical Absorbance Quality. In order to remain healthy, scientists recommend we consume over 1600 units of ORAC in our diets on a daily basis. Well, a single Acai fruit has over 3,500 units in itself - more antioxidants can only help, so don't worry about being too healthy!

Not only is acai rich in antioxidants, but the particular compounds found in acai, known as anthocyanin phytochemicals (the same beneficial compounds found in grapes and red wine), have stronger health effects than other substances. In particular, anthocyanin has been shown to have many benefits in keeping your bloodstream healthy by improving circulation, fighting blood clots and ensuring a healthy cell balance.

A large body of research has shown that certain European regions have improved levels of heart health due to the red wine in their diets. Similarly, the health benefits of Acai have accrued to certain cultures in the Amazon, and now you can share in this natural miracle to improve your health. For many of the same reasons that red wine is healthy in moderation, it is important to incorporate regular Acai into your diet to realize the benefits from the fruit. Antioxidants are nature's way of helping us to stay healthy and ward off pathogens.

Among the core benefits of antioxidants:
* Attacking free radicals that may harm your cells
* Preventing illness by improving your immune system
* Helping to ensure long-term bodily health
* A more stable personal health with shorter, less frequent illnesses
* Improved energy and mood

Leading scientific institutions, including many government research centers, support a vast body of research that shows antioxidants can aid in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Acai works to keep your body healthy by protecting you from free radical toxins which can damage cells. Likely, if you are not currently taking an acai supplement, you will be able to begin repairing your cells once you begin taking acai.

Further, not only will you help you body heal, but, by continuing to incorporate acai into your diet, you can maintain an optimal level of health over time. By protecting cells, acai ensures that your body's cells can function at peak performance, as well as ensuring that vital organs are able to support optimal health.