Amazon Thunder Acai Review

Perhaps you’ve heard about the entire buzz being created about Acai berries. You've likely come across a number of products, all of which claiming to be the premier source of Acai extract. The Acai berry is not the same with every company; some companies don’t even use fresh extract. This is why Amazon Thunder, with its pure extract, it the best product on the market today.

Amazon Thunder stands out because most companies selling related products on the market now are using diluted Acai Berry juice, which is only a small percentage of the original extract. Some companies coat their products with sugar and infuse them with other additives, such as caffeine and caffeine-like substitutes with many preservatives and non-natural ingredients.

Amazon Thunder is revolutionizing the berry market, as its ingredients are 100% organic and have not been filtered. Most of the value in the berry comes from its skin and pulp, similar to many other fruits available - this is the Thunder all-natural processing with no preservatives makes it the premier Acai product. It should also ease your mind to know that there are no artificial sweeteners in Amazon Thunder, and they use superior storage methods which ensure you get a pure product from harvest all the way to the store.

Not only is Thunder the more pure of any product you can find, but it also tastes great. The delicious, natural acai flavor, with hints of rich chocolate, hits your taste buds with force because we never mask it with preservatives – we bet you've never had health food that tastes this good!

So when choosing an Acai berry product, it’s best to stick to Amazon Thunder – treat you body to the best product on the market; you deserve it!