Benefits of Acai Berry

As we all seek ways to improve our health, there are food trends that come and go. We all lived through the low-fat revolution and the low-carb diets alike. When these trends slowly faded, a more important pattern began to emerge: by adding natural anti-oxidants into the diet, the power of nature's cures can begin to take over.

Just as natural products such as red wine have been shown to have benefits in moderation, there is one natural product that has been shown to have all of the anti-oxidant benefits, amplified many times over, without the drawbacks. Put simply: acai berries are a natural super fruit with some of the strongest health benefits of any food.

The antioxidants in red wine are known as anthocyanins, and acai berries have over twenty times the concentration of even the finest red wine. What is even more amazing is that the berries satisfy the needs of almost every diet, as they contain heart-healthy essential fats, small amounts of naturally-occurring sugar and disease-fighting, powerful anthocynanin antioxidants.

For those seeking a heart-healthy food, look no further than acai. The anti-oxidants found within the berries have been shown to help improve heat health from improving circulation to reducing blood pressure and preventing clotting when combined with a healthy lifestyle. What is more interesting is that studies have shown that the anthocyanins help the body not only function better, but also to prevent allergens and viruses from harming cells. Some of the very same anti-oxidant compounds that have made green tea a legendary super food are found in acai, with a better taste that requires no preparation. Scientists measure the strength of anti oxidants using ORAC - the Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity - measure. Acai has achieved among the highest scores ever recorded on this USDA-developed scale, further solidifying the berry's place among the top super foods. You can think of acai as providing a round-the-clock healthy super food that constantly fights for you and also tastes great!

The healthy fats found within acai also have great effects upon cholesterol levels by helping to raise healthy HDL levels, while lowering potentially harmful LDL cholesterol. The unsaturated Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids provide all of the benefits of the best fats: they help our mind and heart function at their optimal performance. Along with oleic and lineolic healthy fatty acids also help improve our body's ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. The berries have been shown to be rich sources of B-class vitamins as well as potassium minerals. As if that weren't enough, the plant sterols found in acai, long shown by research to be among nature's most powerful beneficial products, have been shown to help improve our immune system and regulate our body's natural levels. Each serving of acai is low in calories, contains no cholesterol and is high in natural, soluble fiber, all of which make it one of the earth's most healthy foods.

With all of its rich nutrient contents, Acai can also help you lose weight and keep it off! The ideal combination of dietary fiber, healthy fats and pure proteins all help lift your metabolism to new levels so you can burn more fat every minute of the day. It's rare that a healthy product can offer weight loss benefits while still tasting great, but that is why acai is a superfood. In particular, the optimal balance of Omega 3,6 and 9 can help your body build up lean muscle, while lowering your levels of body fat. The high fiber content in the berries helps keep you full and cleanses the body, which will further your weight loss progress even more. Make acai part of your diet, and you will transform your body, mind and energy levels all at once!