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What is Acai Berry?
Acai is a berry that is harvest for its strong antioxidant and weight loss potential. From recent research into the properties of the acai, its name fits it well: as one of nature's super fruits, the acai berry has a deep purple color, reflecting its delicious tropical flavor and the power of its antioxidant health benefits. Acai berries pack a lot of nutritional power into a small package: the berries are tiny, potent fruits with an appearance much like a grape.

What are the Benefits of Acai?
Acai is an amazing fruit that acts as an antioxidant to help your body fight free radicals and also can help promote weight loss. The excess pounds and harmful toxins that your body is carrying right now could be dragging your energy levels down. Acai is designed to help you purify your body and shed those extra pounds once and for all. Some of the Acai benefits are:

  • Cleanses and detoxifies the body of toxins
  • Helps burn extra calories
  • Improves digestion function
  • Helps maintain a healthy heart
  • Flush out excess pounds
  • Reduces water retention
  • …plus much more

Can You Eat the Acai Berries?
Unfortunately the acai berry seed is very large which does not leave much of the fruit to be eaten. Due to this characteristic, the acai berry is ground down into a powder immediately after it has been harvested.

Where does Acai Come From?
The acai berry is grown deep in the Amazon rainforest on acai palm trees. This berry is native to the tropical forests of both South and Central America, the acai palm are commonly found in the tropical climates of Brazil and Peru.

Why use Acai Berry?
Acai can help you improve your health in many different ways. From increasing your energy, burning extra calories, flushing excess pounds and toxins from the body, and fighting free radicals.

Are there any side effects from Acai?
No negative side effects have been reported. If you are unsure about Acai, please talk to your doctor or a medical professional before taking acai..

Is Acai the #1 Superfood?
One of the world's foremost experts on health foods, Dr. Perricone, announced the findings of his super food research. Coming at the top of the list is a small, potent super fruit known as acai with a delicious taste. Dr. Perricone notes that the antioxidants in acai are over 10 times more powerful than those found in red grapes (and even more than 10x that of the best red wine.

Warning: Acai Berry Scams!
There are a number of companies that seek to take advantage less effective acai products. The truth is that high-quality, natural acai delivers vast health benefits and is one of the most powerful super foods on the planet. While Acai has been known in the Amazon for generations, it only recently is becoming well known in other regions. Unfortunately, some companies may be selling fake Acai, or a very low grade of it. Please read our acai reviews to see which Acai berry product we found to be the best.

Acai in the Media
Major news provides, ranging from ABC to CBS and CNN, have recently given a wide variety of coverage to the acai sensation. We have reviewed recent media releases to bring you the highlights of this coverage. Some highlights:

Is Acai an Antioxidant?
Research scientific research from well-established organizations has shown that Acai has among the highest antioxidant levels in any natural product. Leading scientific institutions, including many government research centers, support a vast body of research that shows antioxidants can aid in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Acai works to keep your body healthy by protecting you from free radical toxins which can damage cells.

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