Is Acai the #1 Superfood?

As science has come to better understand the amazing health benefits of certain naturally-occurring foods, there have emerged as special class known as super foods. While some of these super foods are well known, including greens, yogurt, sprouts and others, there is one super fruit that stands above them all: the acai berry is the top super food in the world for very good reasons.

One of the world's foremost experts on health foods, Dr. Perricone, recently announced the findings of his super food research on Oprah. Coming at the top of the list is a small, potent super fruit known as acai with a delicious taste. Filled with high-quality mono-saturated amino fatty acids and powerful antioxidants, research has shown that acai has among the most complete nutritional blends of any food. It is no surprise, therefore, that acai has been determined a super food based upon the latest scientific research.

Dr. Perricone is one of the world's leading experts on natural foods, and has developed the Perricone Promise nutritional guidelines. He serves as a professor at the Michigan State College of Human Medicine with a research focus on finding natural remedies to the aging process. His reviews of dietary habits have helped improve our scientific understanding of the deep linkages between our dietary choices and our eventual health outcomes. Since 2000, he has published 5 books on healthy diets, so a wide body of research has influenced his recommendation of acai. Each of the books draws on a different area of expertise from weight loss to skin health to anti-aging, and acai berries are among the best foods in the world in helping to promote each of these goals.

Drawing on the latest scientific research, Dr. Perricone notes that the antioxidants in acai are over 10 times more powerful than those found in red grapes (and even more than 10x that of the best red wine.) For all of the studies that show Mediterranean diets benefit from the disease fighting power of red wine, acai takes the best properties of wine and amplifies them more than ten times! In addition, the study points out the wealth of vital dietary fiber found in the acai berry - it is one of the best natural sources of fiber. Even the fats found in acai have many health benefits, due to the high concentration of healthy unsaturated fats which help cells function more efficiently, benefiting every organ in the body!

While science has shown there are a number of naturally occurring super foods, there are good reasons why Dr. Perricone placed the acai berry at the top of the list. Simply put, there are no other natural foods that contain so many health benefits in so many different areas at once. While a well-balanced diet is important to maintain optimal health, adding acai to your diet today can help you reach your health goals faster and more efficiently than any other food.