Top 5 Reasons Why Acai is Better than Monavie

The acai berry stands alone as the world's top natural superfood. Given all the benefits of acai why would you want to dilute it with other products? Well, that's the main reason why we prefer pure acai over Monavie:

1. Monavie includes acai berries but blends it with 18 other fruits to dilute its potential effects. While its true that the other fruits contained in the mixture have health benefits, such as grapes, kiwi and blueberries, none of them matches the superior nutrient profile of acai. Moreover, many of the fruits on the list, such as bannas are high on the glycemic index, which can raise your blood sugar much more than acai alone would (and acai can even help keep your sugar levels regulated!)

2. You'll likely pay more for the blend that Monavie provides without getting all of the pure potency that comes from 100% Acai products. In essence, you have to pay more while you're getting less of each of the core benefits from Acai.

3. We'll admit that Monavie can be tasty, but really prefer the taste of actual acai. Acai berries are sweet and rich, with a hint of rich chocolate that makes them great by themselves - why alter the composition of something that works great?

4. You can get acai in many forms such as pills and supplements, which bottled Monavie can be difficult to fit into a busy schedule. Even though we like to keep some Monvaie in our fridge, you can't beat pure acai extract as a choice throughout the day - it just makes sense!

5. There are some great deals on pure acai out there, so why spend more on Monavie when you're really seeking acai?