Warning: Acai Berry Scams!

As science comes to learn more about the natural benefits of Acai, there are a number of companies that seek to take advantage of these announcements to release less effective acai products. The truth is that high-quality, natural acai delivers vast health benefits and is one of the most powerful super foods on the planet. While Acai has been known in the Amazon for generations, it only recently is becoming well known in other regions. With a proven track record over time, as well as a growing body of scientific research that supports acai, it is important that you buy a natural, effective form of acai rather than many of the products on the market. We provide only the best, pure acai products that allows you to take advantage of the full health benefits of the super fruit.

When considering Acai products, you want to find a high level of purity that will give you all of the benefits of the pure berry at a fair price. We have tried nearly all of the major acai products on the market, and have found a number of differences in quality, as well as price. Let me say that true acai is the real deal: its benefits are well documented and will provide a wide variety of benefits when you incorporate it into your diet.  Even if you don't generally take supplements, you should strongly consider adding acai to your daily routine - it is a natural source of nutrients unlike any other product on the market.

I've been using acai for a few months and my health has never been better. Each of the elements of acai, from its amazing protein and healthy fat profiles have improved my energy level, along with my general health. So, this guide comes from my personal experience with the various acai products - I'll help you sort out what has worked and what didn't so you save time, money and get on the fast track to getting all of the benefits sooner rather than later.

One set of products that you should be particularly careful in following up on the purity levels are certain Acai capsules - keep in mind:

* While it certainly is easier to take acai in pill form as you would with a general vitamin, you may not get the full nutritional benefits.

* Plus, when you take acai pills you're not able to get any of the delicious taste that you would with edible Acai - imagine the pure taste that captures a sweet berry flavor and you can see why I would recommend you look at additional forms.

* Additionally, some of these pill Acai products don't have the high level of potency that you need to fully realize the benefits of Acai, so you'll want to follow up on that.

Another set of products that you'll want to do more research on are some of the acai juices on the market. Often, you'll find acai mixed in with a wide variety of juices - make sure that acai is one of the primary products, rather than near the bottom of the ingredient list. After all, you're buying the product to take advantage of the benefits of acai and not apple, grape or other juices that might dominate the taste and composition of other products. While it is okay to find some mixture juices, you want acai to be fully featured so you can get the full range of benefits.

When you are looking to buy acai products - and I highly recommend you do - research the products carefully. We take care of the difficult work by offering you only the best, combining the best aspects of acai to identify the best value for you.